Welcome to the Topps 300 (and then some...) Blog!

Below are scans of the best five (in my opinion) cards from each year from the last 60 years of Topps Baseball Cards. I picked the 300 based on a few qualifiers, including: Key Rookie, Unique Photo, Action Shot, Card caused a buzz in the Hobby, Noteworthy Errors, Player had an impact on the game that particular year.

Now I know I left a whole bunch of worthy cards off the blog (and I have a feeling that I know what they are). What I ask is that you the readers that if you feel that a card not included in each post should be to add it to the comments. The idea is that eventually, I will create a ballot including my picks, as well as up to five picks from the commenters, will be put to a vote for the Hobby Blogging (and Internet) community to determine the best cards from each year of all time.

It is still a work in progress. But for now, please view each of the posts, and let me know what you think. And definitely share this with the populace. The more input this blog gets, the better the results are going to be in the end.

Thank you very much.


JayBee Anama

1984 Topps

  • #8 Don Mattingly
  • #130 Ozzie Smith
  • #182 Darryl Strawberry
  • #230 Rickey Henderson
  • #42T Dwight Gooden


CK said...

Love this set. Hard for me to argue with your choices. I've always liked the traded Rose (with Les Expos) and Saberhagen; maybe trade out Rickey and Ozzie for them. The Mattingly and Gooden are all-time iconic cards for me.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the Rose with the Expos card from Traded - I think this definitely is in the top 5. I'd pull the Rickey from this - I really thin his 82 card is much better.

Also - the card with Ryan, Carlton, Perry commemorating breaking the K record - I think that should bump the Ozzie.

Finally, check out the Robin Yount base card, great shot, but I'd put it behind the 2 mentioned above.